undersink before - BATHROOM UNDER SINK


under sink after close up - BATHROOM UNDER SINK
under sink after drawer pulled out - BATHROOM UNDER SINK
under sinf after with doors showing - BATHROOM UNDER SINK


DateJuly 2019

Some efforts to containerize and use the vertical space had been made under this bathroom sink but more help was needed to corral the various toiletries and products.

Our Solutions

We took everything out, purged items that were expired or needed to be relocated and sorted what was left into categories.  An adjustable shelving/sliding drawer system was purchased to maximize the vertical space and create easy access, along with a couple of baskets to contain the remaining items.  Last step was adding labels.  The new system maximized space so well we were able to relocate items previously kept in the linen closet to the bathroom, making the space even more functional for the family.