Full view before 1 rotated - DINING ROOM
towards side buffet before rotated - DINING ROOM
Glass buffet towards front door before rotated - DINING ROOM
Canva before 4 - DINING ROOM
towards galss buffet corner before rotated - DINING ROOM
towards kitchen before rotated - DINING ROOM


whole room after - DINING ROOM
towards window buffet after - DINING ROOM
window buffett after - DINING ROOM
glass buffet corner after - DINING ROOM
towards kitchen after - DINING ROOM


DateFebruary 2020
CategoryDining Room

While living through a lengthy renovation, this dining room became the catchall space for EVERYTHING that didn’t have a home.  The task of sorting through it all was too overwhelming to tackle alone, and I was very happy to help this family take back their space, in only 4 hours!

Our Solutions

We pulled everything out, sorted it into categories and purged a lot as we went.  Most of the items that remained were relocated to their newly renovated rooms or assigned a proper home in the dining room.   There were a few boxes left to be dealt with by the client, but this family can now enjoy dinner at their table again!