Jason Trish pantry before 2 - PANTRY CLOSET
Jason trish pantry before1 - PANTRY CLOSET


Jason trish pantry after 2 - PANTRY CLOSET
Jason trish pantry after1 - PANTRY CLOSET
baking cart - PANTRY CLOSET


DateSept 2019

This clever client was already using an unneeded coat closet as a pantry/storage space.  But the space became an undefined catchall that made finding anything frustrating.

Our Solutions

We took everything out, purged items not used and found more appropriate homes for others. We sorted what was left by category, then maximized vertical space with a higher shelving unit and a hanging shelf.  We placed items back in the space based on frequency of use and added labels to clearly identify where everything goes. Now the client knows what she has, where it is, and can easily access everything.