Canva from couch before 1 - PLAYROOM
Canva from stairs before - PLAYROOM
close up shelves before - PLAYROOM
Close up table 1 before - PLAYROOM
Canva bear corner and side wall before - PLAYROOM


Canva from couch after - PLAYROOM
Canva from stairs after - PLAYROOM
Toys after 1 - PLAYROOM
desk after 1 - PLAYROOM
Corner after - PLAYROOM
Blocks after - PLAYROOM


DateMarch 2020

This well-used playroom is open to the family room and the parents wanted to keep the space fun and accessible for the kids, but not an eyesore for the adults.

Our Solutions

We changed the layout of the space to create better flow and clear zones.  We found a larger, second-hand desk for crafts that was big enough for the kids and their supplies, and added a new storage piece for all the different building blocks.  The last step was to add labels to make it fast and easy to play AND to clean up!