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I’m Heather, owner and operator of BirchTree Organizing. I’m a busy mother and professional who knows that every single minute counts and anything that reduces stress and makes life easier is a win. It’s why I have always loved all things organizing and why I am so excited to share my knowledge, expertise, support, and tips with you. I truly believe that organization is an investment in your well-being that reaps benefits to all areas of your life.


I am a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), the national association that represents organizers across the country. I have completed POC’s Trained Professional Organizers program and I regularly pursue ongoing educational opportunities in the form of further courses, reading up-to-date material and attending professional development events.

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Before starting BirchTree Organizing, I was a criminal prosecutor for 12 years, first in Toronto, then in London. While I enjoyed aspects of the work, overall, being a prosecutor did not make me happy. The long hours and time away from my daughter made me realize I needed to make a change. I thought about the skills from my legal career that I enjoyed and were transferable and realized it was all the detailed organization required, as well as helping victims and witnesses through the legal process. This, coupled with the fact organizing is something I have always enjoyed and practiced, created the seed from which I grew BirchTree Organizing. For a full account of how I went from being a criminal prosecutor to starting BirchTree Organizing, click here to read my blog post.


When not working, I am spending time with my husband and daughter. We love playing board games, watching the Food Network and spending time outside. I play in a women’s soccer league, love sitting on patios on sunny days enjoying a cold beverage with friends, and I’m an avid reader who ends each day by unwinding with a book in bed.

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For more organizing printables, resources and tips that maximize space, optimize time and simplify life, be sure to check out BirchTree’s Blog.

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