BirchTree Organizing COVID-19 Safety Measures

BirchTree Organizing COVID-19 Safety Measures

My health, and the health of my clients, is paramount.  Please review the following measures I’ve put in place to carry out organizing sessions safely.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 548-888-7678 or email  I’m happy to discuss these measures in more detail with you.


  • I will be offering virtual consultations, in addition to my regular, in-person ones.
  • Alternatively, and weather permitting, the in-person consultation can take place largely outside.  It consists of going through some questions to ensure I understand your specific needs and goals.  This would be followed by a quick tour of the space(s) to be worked on so I can create a Client Action Plan tailored to you.
  • All safety precautions outlined below in “Organizing Sessions” will be followed for consultations.
  • Virtual organizing sessions can be held via FaceTime or Zoom.  The client will give me a virtual tour of the space(s) to be worked on.
  • There is a $15 discount for a virtual consultation.


Organizing Sessions:

  • I will wear a face mask and request clients wear one as well, if they are able.
  • I will wear shoe covers in your space.
  • Hands will be washed/sanitized upon entry.
  • We will make every effort to maintain a distance of 6ft.  If the space being worked on is too small to accommodate this, either the client or I (decision is the client’s) will be the hands-on worker who will bring items to a larger space to be reviewed/sorted/decluttered etc.
  • I will bring a single canvas bag into the home that will be freshly washed before all sessions.
  • The bag will hold my phone, water, sanitizer (liquid and wipes), organizing apron, measuring tape, clipboard, pen and car key.
  • All items in the bag will be cleaned/sanitized before each season (via laundry, UV sanitization and disinfectant wipes).
  • My organizing bag with further organizing supplies will remain in my vehicle.  Once it is determined what supplies are needed, I will retrieve them (for example label maker, other labelling supplies, tools, etc.).
  • Instead of sorting bins, garbage bags and recycling bags will be used.
  • For breaks/meals, I will go outside or to my vehicle.

Organizer/Client Responsibilities To Each Other:

  • Both Organizer and Client acknowledge that Covid-19 is currently a pandemic.
  • Both Organizer and Client confirm that they are not currently experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms such as cough, fever or difficulty breathing.  For a full list of symptoms, please click here.
  • Both Organizer and Client confirm, to their knowledge, they have not been in contact with someone experiencing the above symptoms within the 14 days leading up to each session.
  • Both Organizer and Client confirm they have not travelled outside the country within the 14 days leading up to each session.
  • Before each session, Organizer and Client will confirm the above 3 points with one another.
  • In the event that either Organizer or Client begins to experience any of the above symptoms within 14 days of working together, they will notify the other party immediately.
  • If either Organizer or Client are feeling unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms, they will call to reschedule the appointment. Cancellation fees due to suspected Covid-19 illness will be waived.


For more information on Ontario’s Framework for Re-opening: Phase 2, please click here.


All other policies and fees remain in place.  To review them, please click here.

I look forward to helping you with your organizing needs!

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