J.C. – March 2020

I cannot thank Heather at BirchTree Organizing enough for the work she did in my home.  I had tried several times to organize my deep kitchen pantry myself, but after a few weeks, there were always certain items being lost at the back never to be thought about again.  The system that Heather put in place for my pantry has proved to be an effective way to keep all things alike together and the items kept at the back are now there for a reason and I am able to easily find them.  It has made meal planning, grocery shopping and meal prep much easier. 

The changes Heather made to my children’s playroom have been life-changing. The affordable and functional storage solutions Heather recommended were perfect for the space, and the labels she made make tidying a breeze for my kids since they know exactly where everything needs to go. 

Throughout the entire process, Heather provided various options that allowed me to choose what would work best for my family.  She was dependable, professional and adaptable when things did not go as planned.  Heather was absolutely worth her cost as it was an investment that has overall saved me time and money by being organized.  I highly recommend BirchTree Organizing for all of your organizational needs.