J.M. – July 2019

I asked Heather to help me organize my closet and drawers so that it didn’t take me so long to get dressed for work in the morning.  I wear a suit every day and have a large collection of suits, dress shirts, ties and the most time-consuming item of all – socks.  My sock drawer was a disaster – and it is no exaggeration to say it was costing me 10+ minutes a day just to find the pair of socks I wanted to wear.  My mornings are already hectic, and that is time I really needed to reclaim.  Heather came in, was super accommodating and really easy to work with.  She has a real passion for organizing and her enthusiasm for it is infectious.  After helping me purge quite a few items for donations, she then completely re-organized my space to work for me.  My shirts and suits hang separately now and are organized by season and colour.  My ties have been organized by theme and colour, and are on easy to peruse rotating racks.  Most life-changing, however, are the organizers she put in my sock drawer so that I can open the drawer and see all my socks at one time – organized by type and colour – it literally takes me 20-30 seconds now to pick a pair of socks.  She also recommended I pick out my outfit the night before – which is great advice, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I am still working on that.  Even picking out items in the morning now takes a few minutes as opposed to the 15-20 it was taking before.  That is a massive improvement and has made my morning way less rushed.

Thank you, Heather, for all your hard work.  I love to cook, and I hope to get you back to organize my kitchen when you have time so that my kitchen is as easy to use as my closets.