10 Budget Organizing Products


Back in the summer, to dispel the myth that getting organized has to cost a lot of money, I wrote about 10 of my favourite budget organizing products.  But because there are so many affordable organizing options out there, some really fantastic ones weren’t included in the original post.  Today I’m remedying that by highlighting 10 more amazing organizing products that are ALL under $20.00.  These are 10 low-cost, big impact products to help you organize almost every area of your home and office.

10 MORE Organizing Products Under $20.00

1) Turntables


Wherever they are used, turntables instantly increase the function and accessibility of the space.  Use them in the pantry to make the most of awkward corners, use them under sinks in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room to avoid getting on your hands and knees to reach the item in the back you need.  Use them in the fridge to quickly access the condiment you need without moving 5 jars.  Use one as an art caddy by adding some jars.  And my favourite way to use them, to corral cooking oils and vinegars in a cupboard near the stove; no more shuffling bottles to get what you need.  The acrylic one pictured above is almost always available at Homesense/Winners/Marshalls for $9.99 (Cdn) and on amazon.ca , for $14.85 (Cdn).  And you can find the grey one pictured at dollar stores for $4.00.


2) Velcro Cord Ties


Most of us have multiple devices with chargers, power cords, earbuds, adapters, etc.  All those wires and cords just love to get tangled up in drawers making it frustrating to get the one you want.  Velcro cord ties solve that problem.  Outside of the drawer, use them to keep cords untangled in your purse or briefcase, to keep the excess length of any cords neat and out of site, on giftwrap rolls to prevent unravelling and rips , and when travelling you can use them to neatly corral belts.  I like and use the Avantree ones (pictured above) from amazon.ca that are $14.99 (Cdn) for 50.  They come in 3 different sizes and different colours that allow you to colour code cords by family member or type if you are so inclined (which I totally am!).  But, if colour coding isn’t for you, these Velcro Brand ones from amazon.ca are great too:  $10.85 (Cdn) for 100.

3) Tiered Shelf Risers

Canva tiered risers - 10 MORE BUDGET ORGANIZING PRODUCTS UNDER $20.00

Tiered shelf risers instantly increase visibility and accessibility.  You can get small wire ones, larger plastic, acrylic, bamboo or wooden ones, and ones that expand.  Ideal in pantries and cupboards for canned goods, boxed goods and spices.  Outside of the kitchen, they work great in a liquor cabinet, and in linen closets and bathrooms to store medications and backstock of product.  This product is also generally always available at Homesense/Winners/Marshalls.  The expanding one pictured below retails at $12.99 (Cdn) and the smaller, wire one, for $4.99 (Cdn).  They can also be found at any home store and online.

4) DeskTop Magazine Holders

Canva magazine holder - 10 MORE BUDGET ORGANIZING PRODUCTS UNDER $20.00


Beyond using them for files and papers, you can use these vertical-storage-creating superstars to organize paper dishes, napkins, gift wrap supplies, clutches, and water bottles.  They are great at corralling cutting boards, canned goods, craft supplies, and so much more.  For more ideas, check out the full post I did on magazine holders here.  Prices vary depending on size and material, but you can get a pack of 5 cardboard ones from Ikea for $3.99 (Cdn).

5) Dollar Store Baskets


Some of the reasons I LOVE the white dollar store baskets from Dollarama: they’re extremely affordable ranging in price from $1.50 to $4.00 (Cdn); they’re easy to clean if spills or leaks happen; they come in a variety of sizes, the white designs are simple and clean and easy to mix and match.  Use them in the kitchen and pantry to organize and store dry goods, snacks, tea, small appliances, appliance accessories, and Tupperware lids.  Use them in the linen closet to store towels, sheets and backstock of products.  Use them in bathroom drawers to organize toiletries, in entryway closets to store hats and mitts, and in closet and dresser drawers to organize clothes.   I could go on, but I think you get the picture!



6) Ziplock Bags


Canva ziplock bags - 10 MORE BUDGET ORGANIZING PRODUCTS UNDER $20.00


Yes, these are for so much more than sandwiches and snacks!  Just a few ways to use them outside of the kitchen include storing puzzles and craft sets, which take up so much less space when out of their boxes.  You can use them to corral small game pieces in boxes or in conjunction with a basket to neatly organize and store cords and user manuals together.  Honestly, any little odds and ends you need to contain, a Ziplock bag will probably do the job.   And while I’m using the term Ziplock bag, any heftier bag that zips will work just fine.

7) Shoe Bins


Sturdy, stackable, and clear so you can see what’s inside, what’s not to love!  They’re great at organizing and storing all kinds of craft supplies.  In the playroom, they can organize barbies, action figures, playdough, blocks, lego, science sets, small toys, the list goes on.  And they’re another great option in linen or bathroom closets to store backstock of product.   Available at most home stores, online and dollar stores.  Canadian Tire sells this 6L 5 pack for $9.99 (Cdn).

8) Ikea Variera Knife Tray.Canva ikea knife tray - 10 MORE BUDGET ORGANIZING PRODUCTS UNDER $20.00

Knife trays can be pricey, but this one from Ikea Canada rings in at only $9.99 (Cdn).  I love that instead of pre-cut slots, it has the rounded spikes that allow you to arrange knives whatever way works best for you.  Even if you have more knives than this smaller unit can hold, you can get two of these for less than what most larger units cost!

9) Velour Hangers


The quickest way to make a huge impact in your closet (aside from purging of course 😉) is to use matching, slim felt or velour hangers.  Their design saves so much space, stops clothes from sliding off hangers, and the uniformity reduces visual clutter.  They’re available at most stores that carry home goods and from online retailers.  The best deal I’ve found is from Jysk Canada where you get a pack of 50 for $19.99 (Cdn).


10) Handbag Organizers


Canva handp bag insert - 10 MORE BUDGET ORGANIZING PRODUCTS UNDER $20.00


Avoid the frustration (and wasted time) of searching in your handbag for that item you know is in there but can’t seem to locate, with a handbag organizer.  Handbag organizers have pockets and sections for ALL your things.  Plus, because they just slip in, transferring everything to a different handbag is quick and easy. There are many options available, (some more than $20.00), and I urge you to read the reviews as not all handbag organizers are made equal.  I personally use this one from amazon.ca for $19.99 (Cdn) and this one , also from amazon.ca for $8.99 (Cdn), both pictured above.



If you need to get organized on a budget, these 10 products will definitely help you achieve your goal!  And don’t forget to check out my earlier post for even more budget organizing ideas.  If I missed your favourite budget organizing product, let me know in the comments below.  Please share this post if you know others who want to get organized on a budget too!

Happy organizing!