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10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

As summer draws near, I know many of us are planning travel.  Whether you’ll be away for a weekend or multiple weeks, check out these ten things that make planning, packing and enjoying your vacation easy by keeping you organized and minimizing travel-related stress from start to finish!

(Note: this post contains affiliate links.)

#1 Wanderlog Travel Planner App

Canva Wanderlog - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

Every trip starts with figuring out where to go and what to do while there.  However, researching and keeping track of all the information you find can be overwhelming.  Enter Wanderlog.



Wanderlog is a one-stop travel app that organizes your flight and lodging information and all your trip research (restaurants, sites, activities, and automatically adds the address, hours, and contact information for each). You then import your chosen activities/locations to your daily itinerary. Wanderlog maps it all out, letting you know how long it will take to get from point A to point B.

I could write a whole post on Wanderlog itself, as it has more great features, like inviting guests, tracking expenses, and making suggestions based on your location. For now, I’ll just say having all this information in one place on our phones made planning and enjoying this trip easy!

#2: Bagsmart Travel Toiletry Bag:

Canva Toiletry Bag - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

Bagsmart’s travel toiletry bag lessens the pain of missing your regular getting ready set up while away.  I easily fit and organized everything I needed for my seven-day trip in the four separate compartments of this bag, which also have elastic straps to hold bottles and brushes tight.

Not only does it hold a lot of toiletries, but it also folds into a compact square for travel packing. And I love it has a hook to hang it from keeping everything easily accessible (as hotel bathrooms never have enough bathroom counter space)!

#3: Beveetio Travel Bottles


Canva Travel Containers - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

A key to all my toiletries fitting in my cosmetic bag was Beveetio’s 15-piece toiletry travel set. It comes with five 85 ml bottles (helpfully indicated right on the bottles), one pump bottle and one spray bottle, which are all good.  But the stars of this set are the five cream boxes, a funnel and two scoops.


The funnel and scoops make transferring your products from their original packaging into the travel containers easy.  The cream boxes are compact but easily hold two weeks’ worth of product and come with an insert on top that prevents leaking and spillage.  The final touch is two sets of ready-made labels to identify which product is in which container quickly.

#4: Wobsion Travel Mirror With Light


Canva Travel Mirror - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

The lighting in most hotel bathrooms is less than ideal, and countertops prevent you from getting too close to the mirror. This Wobsion mirror solves this problem.




One side of the mirror is 10X magnifying, and the other side has LED lights, both of which allow you to see your face up close and clearly for all your detailed makeup application and plucking of unwanted hairs (IYKYK).  The sleek and compact size makes it easy to pop into your bag when you’re headed out for the day.

#5: Notes App

Canva Notes - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

There are many fancier ways and apps to plan and organize your outfits while away, but I like to keep it as simple as possible.  I list the day and evening outfits I pre-planned before leaving in my Notes App, and I’m all set.

One quick look saves me time each day trying to remember what I planned to wear or what shirt I would wear with what bottom.  It’s a small thing, but having it already planned and laid out is very helpful and reduces stress for me.

#6: Bagail Compression Backing Cubes

Canva Compression Cubes - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

If you struggle with over-packing (like I do) Bagail’s compression packing cubes are for you!  All the benefits of regular packing cubes (easy categorization of belongings, effortless locating and unpacking of items, fewer wrinkles, space-saving) but with EXTRA space saving.




These cubes have an extra outside zipper that compresses them like a vacuum sealer. I have this set of four and only needed the middle-sized two for my recent week-long trip to San Francisco, but they also come in a set of 6 if you need more.

#7: Travel Jewelry Organizer


Canva Jewl Box - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

Of course, we can’t forget the accessories!  I found this one at Homesense and instantly loved it as it can hold my bangle-type bracelets.


I took six bracelets (including the aforementioned bangle ones), four necklaces, and six pairs of earrings (I mentioned I was an overpacker, right 😊?).  Nothing got tangled and I still had room for more!

Unfortunately, my Homesense find doesn’t have any brand markings, but this one and this one (which my daughter got for Christmas) are similar.

 #8: En Route Sling Bag From Poppy & Peonies

Canva P and P Bag - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

I use my Poppy & Peonies En Route Sling Bag as an everyday bag when not on vacation, but it is especially great for travel. It has a front snap pocket, a front zipper pocket and a very spacious zippered main compartment with another interior zippered pocket.


It’s perfect as my personal bag on plane rides and easily fits my wallet, snacks, water, a book, passport, phone, earphones, charger, pen and paper, Kleenex, and a few other small items.  It’s also a great day bag when exploring new cities, holding sunscreen, snacks, water, a phone, Kleenex, band-aids, sanitizer and anything else you might need.

#9: Zippered Pouches

Canva Zippered Pouch - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

 Zippered Pouches have so many uses, but on vacation, I typically use one to corral our cords, one to corral belts, and one as the mini-essentials kit I keep in my bag when we are out exploring to contain all the small items we may need such as Tylenol, band aids, sanitizer, wipes, a tide stick and sunscreen.


If you’re going somewhere beachy, they’re great to put wet items into; if you have smaller kids, they contain small toys you bring.  They come in a variety of sizes so the possibilities are endless!

#10: Anker Power Bank


Canva Power Pack - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

Travel can be unpredictable and involve lengthy delays; the last thing you want is to be stuck with a dead phone. But you also want to avoid your phone getting hacked after using a free charging station at airports and shopping centres.



When it comes to your private information, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and a power bank is worth the peace of mind.  Ours came in handy when our flight home was delayed by almost four hours, and we ran into another hour of traffic getting home from the airport.


Canva Concl - 10 Ways To Stay Organized While Travelling

Travelling and vacations are all about relaxing and having fun.  These ten tips and products help you get and stay organized throughout the planning, packing and travelling stages, giving you more time to enjoy your getaway.


Do you have a favourite way to stay organized when travelling?  Let me know in the comments below. And if you like this post, please share it!


Happy (organized) travels!