Picture of a wreath on a white wall. The wreath is made of greenery with red berries, white twigs and pinecones throughout.

10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

Not just for Christmas, wreaths are a warm, welcoming, and beautiful way to celebrate and greet guests into your home all year long. But they’re not the easiest piece of décor to store when not in use.  

That’s why I’m sharing a round-up of the best ways to store these festive, but tricky pieces of décor.  No matter the size of your space or your budget, I know you’ll find the right wreath storage solution for you in this post!

Why Is Wreath Storage Tricky? 

Wreath pic - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

Wreaths are awkward! They’re often bulky yet delicate; you can’t take them apart to store them, and they’re magnets for dust and cobwebs. Finding a storage solution that protects your wreaths without taking over your space (or blowing your budget!) is hard.



But I’ve got you’ve covered!  Just read on to find the best wreath storage solution for you.

#1: Wreath Storage Hard Cases

Hard Cases 2 - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

Beginning around $20.00 each, you can get a hard storage case for your wreath.  These keep dust and cobwebs away and you can easily stack them without worrying about your wreaths getting squished or damaged. Find the square Canadian Tire case here, the Amazon one here and the round Canadian Tire one here.

#2: Storage Tote

Tote - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

Of course, you don’t need a case designed for wreaths; a regular plastic storage tote also works. Depending on the size of the tote needed and if you catch them on sale, these can begin at around $9.99 each.

#3: Wreath Storage Bags

Soft cases 2 - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths


Although they provide less structural protection than hard cases or totes, wreath storage bags are another great option. Available in plastic, fabric, and even in a double-layer  choice, if you don’t plan on stacking heavy items on top, these are a more affordable way (beginning around $12.00, depending on the size and material you choose) to keep your wreaths safe and protected.

#4: IKEA DIMPA Storage Bag



Ikea bag - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

While not specifically designed to be a wreath storage bag, the Ikea Dimpa bag’s size and price ($7.99 CDN each) make it a practical and affordable storage solution. I love that it has handles you can hang on a hook, nail or hanger to keep the wreaths off the ground.

#5: A Suit Bag


Suit bag - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

Another item not designed explicitly for wreath storage is a suit bag. These could be free if you have extra ones around the house, or you can get a 10-pack from Amazon Canada for $23.87 (just over $2.00 each).  Stick a hanger in and hang it on a rod or hook, and you’re set.

#6: A Bedding Bag

Bedding Bag - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

While it may seem unlikely to find an option more budget-friendly than $2.00, I’ve got a free one for you next! Do you know those clear plastic bags bedding sets often come in? Well, they make a great wreath storage bag.  

#7: Hooks & Nails

Hooks - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

Another inexpensive (and potentially free option if you have some extras at home) are command hooks, nails or wall hooks. Just wrap a plastic bag (reuse one from the dry cleaners or a garbage bag) around the wreath to protect it while it hangs when not in use.

#8: Garage Hooks


Garage hook - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths


Garage hooks work great if you have the budget to buy something new. I especially like the one used by Blue I Style below, as it folds up when not used to store a wreath.

#9: Hanging Rods & Racks


hang rods - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

If you have extra closet space, or space in your storage area for a wardrobe rack or to install a rod, hanging rods make an excellent storage for wreaths. Use a hanger, S hook or bungee cords (you can find them at the dollar store) to hang them, and remember to cover the wreaths with a plastic bag to protect them.

#10: A Garden/Privacy Trellis

Trellis - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

Finally, a great option, if you have a lot of wreaths, is using trellis along a wall with either S hooks or bungee cords to hang them. Fellow organizer (and friend) Adeilah from Jigsaw Organizing Solutions shared this photo of the solution one of her clients already had in place. I immediately thought it was a brilliant way to use the vertical space.  You can get a 4X8 ft. trellis from Rona.ca for $26.99.


Front door - 10 Ways To Store Seasonal Wreaths

There you have it, 10 ideas to store and organize your seasonal wreaths when not in use, no matter your space and budget. A little bonus tip: if you shop the post-holiday sales, you’ll find even better deals on many of these wreath storage ideas.


Which is your favourite wreath storage idea? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like this post, please share it!



Happy Organizing!