Tips To Maximize Closet Space

12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space

An almost universal truth is closets are never as big as we’d like them to be.  But don’t fret if you don’t have the big closet of your dreams (yet)!   Just read on for 12 of my favourite easy, affordable ways to organize and make use of every inch of the closet space you do have (post contains affiliate links).

12 Ways To Maximize Your Closet Space

laundry - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space

Before we get to how to maximize your closet space, remember to tackle a closet project right after laundry day.  You don’t want to organize your closet then realize you don’t have room for items that were in the wash!

Now to the tips!

1) Only Keep Clothes & Accessories You Love & Feel Good Wearing 


only things you love - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space

Don’t take up precious closet space with items that aren’t in good condition, don’t fit, don’t reflect your current style, you aren’t comfortable in or you just don’t wear.  Only keeping items you love, feel good in, and that reflect who you are right now makes going into your closet easy and enjoyable every time.

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes

Having said this, I know decluttering clothes can be HARD.  If letting go is difficult for you, ask yourself these questions:

  1. If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?;
  2. Do I feel good in this? Pay attention to fit and comfort (Is it itchy? Does it wrinkle easily? Has it stretched out? Do I like the fabric? etc.);
  3. Would I be happy wearing this for the rest of the day?;
  4. Have I worn this in the last 6-12 months? If you haven’t, it probably isn’t for you anymore.


If the answer to any of these questions is no, seriously consider letting the clothing go.


When In Doubt, Wear The Item

If you’re still having trouble making a call on some items, Melissa at  suggests wearing those items in the next few days or weeks to see how they feel.  As she points out, often we keep things we rarely wear because we WANT them to work for us, but they just don’t.

2) Keep “Like With Like”

like with like - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space



Sort your clothes into “like with like” categories.  This can be by colour, season, length of sleeve, work vs. casual etc.  Decide what makes sense to you and go with it.

3) Use Thin Velvet Or Valour Hangers 



velvet hangers - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space

Velvet hangers will save space in your closet and prevent clothes from falling off the hanger.  If you don’t want to use velvet hangers, use uniform ones to reduce visual clutter in your closet.

4) Use Pant Hangers

pant hangers - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space

Pant hangers like the ones above hold multiple pairs of pants without taking up a lot of hanging space.  You can find them here and here.

5) Hang All Long Items Together

long items together - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space

All pants, next to all dresses, next to all long cardigans etc.  Keeping these categories next to one another maximizes the available floor space below your shorter hanging tops items.

6) Add Storage Under Your Clothes 


This brings me to my next tip, add storage under your clothes.  Place a small dresser, shoe rack, or bookshelf (to house shoes, purses, accessories, folded clothing) to create more storage.


7) Add a Double Hanging Rod

double hanging rod - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space


If you need more hanging space, add a double hanging rod in the space below your shorter items.  This one from Amazon is adjustable in height and width.


8) Contain Items On Shelves

contain on selves - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space

Use baskets, shelf dividers, boxes, or DIY your own like I did with my FabFitFun boxes pictured.  Containing keeps like items together and separate from other types of items.  It also saves you from frequent reorganizing, refolding and restacking.

9) Add A Shelf 

If you have space between the clothing rail/shelf and the ceiling, add a shelf to store out of season clothing or rarely worn accessories.  You can also add a shelf above the door frame.

10) Store Shoes Heel To Toe 

shoes - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space

It saves space and allows you to see the heel height and toe detail of all your shoes in a quick glance.


11) Use The Back Of The Closet Door 

There are so many great over the door storage options, including simple hooks, hanging shoe pockets (for shoes, scarves, jewellery, socks, undergarments, t-shirts), hanging shoe racks and hanging shelves.

12) Use All Available Wall Space 

use all wall space - 12 Easy Tips To Maximize Closet Space

The small sidewall area is often overlooked but offers great vertical storage space.  Just attach a wall hook (or two or three) and you’ve got storage for belts, ties, jewelry, tank tops etc.



Maximize your closet space with these 12 easy space saving tips.  Not only will your closet seem bigger, having everything organized and streamlined, will make getting ready faster, easier and more enjoyable too!

If you want to tackle your dresser too, click here for my favourite affordable dresser organization essentials.


What’s your favourite closet space-saving tip?  Let me know in the comments below.

Happy organizing!