How long are sessions and how many sessions will it take?

How long are sessions?:

  • The length of each session usually varies from between 4 and 6 hours.
  • Generally, there is a 4 hour minimum per session as experience has taught me that this is the minimum amount of time required to make any real progress in a space.
  • After discussing your individual needs, goals and any restrictions you may experience, together we will determine what length of session works best for you.

How many sessions will I need?:

  • There are so many variables in each organizing project (including the amount of “stuff”, how big the space is, how quickly you make decisions, your willingness to purge/declutter, what, if any, outside organizing products are required/desired), that it is just not possible to give an estimate of how many sessions a project will take.
  • Ultimately, the pace is set by you and varies depending on whether you are involved in every step, whether I will be doing some solo organizing, how focused you are, and how quickly you make decisions.
  • Things often start off a little more slowly, but as you get more comfortable making decisions and learning the fundamentals and techniques I teach, the pace increases.
  • Things also move more quickly when there are no distractions during sessions and you are able to work on the project outside of our sessions.