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Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

As a professional home organizer, I always ask clients to tell me a little about the issues they’re having in their spaces during our discovery call. 75% of the time, their answer begins with some variation of “I’m not a hoarder.”

While I work on hoarding projects, the number doesn’t correlate to how often it comes up in my calls which made me realize there are still some things that need to be clarified surrounding who hires a professional organizer. So, to increase understanding about my services, I’m breaking down WHO hires me, WHY my clients seek help and the TYPES of projects I work on.

Who Uses My Professional Organizing Services:

Busy Families - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

The overwhelming demographic who hires me is busy families. Approximately 68% of my clients are working or single parents with at least one child at home. 


Retired couples or individuals account for 13% of my clients, working couples and single individuals with no children in the house comprise 11%, and 5% of my clients are small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Hoarding vs. Clutter

Hoarding vs clutter - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

Hoarding is a consistent inability to discard or part with ANY belongings, regardless of value, to the point the belongings take over entire rooms or the whole home, preventing the spaces from being used or the home from being habitable. It’s a diagnosed mental health issue requiring multiple experts’ professional help.


Clutter is when there are excess belongings and no “homes” for belongings, causing them to accumulate in random areas, creating disorder that impacts your ability to function, relax and enjoy your space. Clutter impacts mental health but can be managed with organization techniques.


The vast majority of people who hire me aren’t hoarders. They’re people and families who just need help dealing with the clutter and disorganization in their homes

Why My Clients Hire a Professional Organizer

Simplify - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

The underlying motivation that leads clients to hire me is unanimous: they ALL want to streamline and simplify their everyday lives by eliminating the excess and setting up systems to make life easier.


There are various reasons (and often more than one) they need my help achieving this goal, the most common of which I’ve outlined below.


1) They’re Overwhelmed

overwhelmed - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

Almost every single client feels overwhelmed by the many demands on their time generally, and by their spaces specifically. Clutter is a constant visual reminder of unfinished tasks and never allows our brain to rest. Focusing, thinking, and beginning a project is incredibly overwhelming in this state.



As a professional organizer, I help you define your goals, break the project into manageable steps and then work with you to declutter and organize your space. Like most things, decluttering and organizing are easier and less stressful when you have someone to provide support, motivation, and hands-on help!

2) A Lack Of Time:

Time - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

Another common reason people seek my professional organizing services is a lack of time. Finding the time to organize between work, family, and other obligations is difficult. 


That’s where I come in! My expert experience, guidance, strategies, and hands on help  keep you motivated and focused, assist with overcoming common obstacles that can derail the process, and get the project done faster.

 3) A Lack Of Organizing Skills/Desire To Spend Their Time Doing It:

Skills - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

Not everyone has strong organizational skills or enjoys the decluttering and organizing process. Luckily, I check both boxes!



While I can’t teach you to love the process (although I try to make it as enjoyable as possible for you), I can do the heavy lifting AND teach you skills and techniques that will make maintaing your space after I’m gone painless.

4) Moving/Downsizing:

Moving 1 - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

Moving and downsizing are stressful and overwhelming experiences. I make the process easier by helping clients declutter before the move, packing belongings efficiently, and unpacking and setting up the new home to maximize space and settle quickly.

Types Of Organizing Projects My Clients Seek My Help With:

Now that we know who hires me and why, let’s break down the types of projects I work on.


1) Whole-Home Projects:


Whole home - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why


Approximately 25% of my clients hire me for whole-home projects, meaning we work on decluttering and setting up new systems in almost every space in their homes.  


These projects don’t always start as whole-home ones, but as my clients experience how decluttered spaces custom organized to suit their needs improve their everyday lives, they decide to expand the projects.



2) 1-4 Spaces:

garage - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

Just under 45% of my projects involve 1-4 spaces in a home. Generally, the rest of the spaces in these homes function well for these clients; they just need help with a few areas./span>

Of these projects, just under 40% are garage and basement storage spaces. Kitchens and pantries make up just under 25%, playrooms/family rooms about 15%, closets make up approximately 10%, and the rest of the discrete spaces are home offices/paperwork, bathrooms, and bedrooms./span>

3) Moving/Downsizing:

Moving 2 - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

Approximately 20% of my clients hire me to help with moving and downsizing: decluttering before a move, planning and packing for the move, and helping unpack and set up spaces in the new home.



4) Small Businesses/Not-For-Profits:


Small Business - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

Finally, just over 5% of my projects involve working with small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. I assist in streamlining their spaces and setting up organization systems to improve their work efficiency.


Conclusion - Who Hires A Professional Organizer & Why

As this breakdown highlights, hoarding projects comprise the tiniest fraction of my business. While the type and scope of projects vary, the overwhelming majority of clients I work with are busy families and individuals wanting to streamline and simplify their lives. 



If simplifying your everyday life sounds appealing, my professional organizing services are for you! Reach out here to discover how I can help.

Did anything in this breakdown of my business surprise you?  Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you liked this post, please share it!



Happy Organizing!