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All Your Home Organizing Questions Answered

Last month, I kicked off my three-part series designed to shed light on working with a professional home organizer by sharing the “how” and “why” behind the BirchTree Process. If you missed it, you can read it here. This month, in part two, I’m answering the most frequently asked questions I receive about my home organizing services.


So, let’s dive right in!

How Much Will It Cost To Organize My Space?

Costs - All Your Home Organizing Questions Answered

The most common question I receive from people inquiring about my home organizing services is, “Can you estimate how much it will cost to organize my space.” The short answer is no.


The long answer is all spaces and clients are different. There are various factors that impact how long a project takes, including:

  • The size of the space(s);
  • How much “stuff” is in the space(s);
  • How hands-on a client is in the process;
  • How long each session is;
  • If organization products are part of the project, what type and how many;
  • Whether installation and/or assembly of furniture is required;
  • How quickly the client can decide what stays and what goes (which is the BIGGEST factor).


Without seeing the space and discussing the project with you, I cannot give an estimate. However, after an in-person consultation where I see the space and discuss your habits, needs, goals and the obstacles holding you back, I provide an estimate in the form of a range of hours. I’m also completely transparent about my hourly fee (you can find it here), and have a pretty good track record with my estimates 😉.


It’s ALWAYS my goal to finish your space as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying it!


\What’s Included in Each Organizing Session?

Whats Included - All Your Home Organizing Questions Answered

You’re only charged for the time I’m in your space(s), but the fee also includes:


  • Additional time outside of sessions spent space planning and researching products;
  • Additional time outside of the sessions making local and online purchases on your behalf (there’s no shopping fee or product mark-up);
  • Custom labels made with P-Touch Cube label maker; and
  • Email communication throughout to answer any questions.

What Happens To My “Stuff” At Each Organizing Session?


Your Stuff - All Your Home Organizing Questions Answered

What happens to your items is entirely up to you!



Throughout the process I provide guidance, encouragement, advice, and strategies to shift your mindset about your belongings. But the ultimate decision of what to keep and where to keep it is 100% yours. You’ll never be pressured to part with something you’re not ready to let go of or keep anything in a place that doesn’t work for you.


For items you decide you no longer want or need, what happens to them is also entirely up to you. Most commonly, I take the things with me at the end of each session to be donated to the location of your choice or disposed of/recycled appropriately. But if you’d like to handle this part of the process, that’s fine too!

What If I Don’t Want Before & After Photos  of My Organizing Project Shared?

Before and After - All Your Home Organizing Questions Answered

Before and After photos are taken to track progress and document changes. With your consent (in writing), images may be shared on BirchTree Organizing’s website and/or social media sites. No identifying information about you or your location is revealed if photos are shared.


If you prefer photos of your project not to be shared, they won’t be! The decision is yours and has no impact on how the project proceeds.

What About Private Information You See or Hear During an Organizing Session?


Private and Confidential - All Your Home Organizing Questions Answered


I often come across personal, financial and/or work-related private information during a project. Your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to me.


Confidentiality and privilege are two of the most essential cornerstones of the legal profession. As a criminal prosecutor for 12 years, I dealt with private and sensitive information daily. That level of access to the details of a person’s life was a responsibility I took very seriously then and is one I take equally seriously now as a professional organizer.


What If I’m Embarrassed To Show You My Space?

Embarassed - All Your Home Organizing Questions Answered

Whatever the state of your space or your reason for seeking the services of a professional organizer, there is nothing to feel embarrassed about. I believe you should be applauded for reaching out for help to make positive changes in your space and your life. 


Truthfully, when I see your space, I don’t see “mess”; I see potential. I’m genuinely excited because I know I can make it better for you!


I promise you’re not going to show me anything I have not seen before, and I am here to help you, not judge you.



Conclusion 2 - All Your Home Organizing Questions Answered

There you have it, the most frequently asked questions about home organizing services answered!  Did this answer the questions you have? Do you have any questions not addressed?  Let me know in the comments below.

If you like this post, please share it!  And don’t miss the final installment of this three-part series next month discussing all the intangibles you get each session working with BirchTree Organizing. Spoiler Alert: they’re the best and most valuable reasons to work with a professional organizer!

Happy Organizing!