Before and After Photos of a Garage Organizing project. In the before photo there are bikes, sleds, sports equipment and garbage filling the space and floor. In the after photo bikes and yard tools are hung on the wall and the floor is clear.

What You Don’t See In The Before & After Photos

We’ve reached the final installment of my three-part series shedding light on working with a professional home organizer and I’ve saved the best for last: the intangibles every client gets each session working with BirchTree Organizing. 

These are the three things I bring to every organizing project that can’t be captured in before and after photos but are, in my humble opinion, the most valuable part of my services because they empower my clients to confidently tackle their overwhelming spaces and restore their peace.

The Real Value Of Working With BirchTree Organizing

Image 1 - What You Don't See In The Before & After Photos

Of course, every client gets my decluttering and organizing expertise, my physical work in their space, their donations taken care of, and product sourcing and shopping done for them. These “services” are easy to understand the value of in terms of time and money. 



But it’s the three intangibles below that are trickier to put a value on until you begin experiencing them that are the most important things I bring to every home organizing session.  Let’s get to them and why they matter!

Non-Judgmental Approach

Judgement 2 - What You Don't See In The Before & After Photos

People usually invite me into their homes when they feel overwhelmed, stuck, and embarrassed by their space(s). But I promise, there is absolutely ZERO judgment from me. 


Everyone, including me, has been through chaotic periods or has “messy” areas of life. Seeking help from an expert who LOVES bringing order to spaces is just smart! And, as I said in last month’s installment, I don’t see a “mess” in your space; I always see potential!


Additionally, I’m an unbiased party with no emotional attachment to any of your items. You want to let go of the craft your child made you for Mother’s Day last year and that gift from dear but misguided Aunt Margaret? Great decisions!


You want to hold on to your collection of trolls from your childhood because they make you happy? Fantastic! (*But* we’ll devise a plan to store them that properly honours the memories).


I will gently challenge you to shift your mindset about your belongings based on your goals (that’s why you hired me 😉), but I’ll NEVER judge you or make you feel bad for your decisions.

Support & Motivation


Hair - What You Don't See In The Before & After Photos

Whether you feel overwhelmed by the task, don’t enjoy the process, or both, getting the motivation to start a decluttering and organizing project can be the hardest part. That’s where I come in!



You’re MUCH more likely to follow through with a plan to declutter and organize if you’ve scheduled to do it with someone else. And while you may not be excited about the process, I promise you, I am! I show up with enough passion, energy, and enthusiasm for both of us, and that stuff is contagious!


I also show up with lots of encouragement and praise. 


Decluttering is HARD, and I know you can feel vulnerable during the process. It involves making many decisions and challenging yourself to let go of things and beliefs you’ve held on to, often for a long time.

So, when we work together, I’m your personal cheering squad, encouraging you every step of the way and reminding you of what an AMAZING job you’re doing!


Like most things, decluttering is easier when you have help. Having someone provide support and motivation makes the process less stressful, the time goes faster, and it can even make it fun! 



Focus 2 - What You Don't See In The Before & After Photos


Last, but not least, one of the most common obstacles when decluttering and organizing is getting distracted. Whether it’s by items you come across during the process, other tasks you’d rather be doing, or going down a rabbit hole of finding the perfect “solution” for your space, it’s very easy to get sidetracked.


When we work together, I keep you focused and on track to achieve your goals. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun!  I love getting to know my clients and hearing the stories behind the people and things in their life and why they choose to keep items or let them go. 


But I do remind you of your goals when needed, gently challenge you when you fall back into old mindsets you want to change, and keep you moving forward whenever you get stuck, overwhelmed, or distracted. All with a smile and compassionate hand!



Conclusion - What You Don't See In The Before & After Photos

When we work together, of course your spaces will get decluttered and organized.  But that’s just the start of what you get!

I listen to your needs without judgement, I support, motivate, and cheer you on every step of the way, and I keep you focused on your goals throughout the project. In the end, you feel empowered to make decisions, you feel calm in your spaces and your peace is restored.  That’s where the real value is!

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Happy Organizing!