Holiday Planner

Get Organized and Enjoy Your Holidays With This Free Holiday Planner

Yes, I’m bringing up the holidays in October, again!  Two weeks ago, it was to share 10 easy things to do now to start preparing for the holidays (read it here).  Today, it’s to share how a Holiday Planner will help you get those 10 things done plus everything else on your holiday to-do list so you enter the holiday season organized, relaxed and ready to celebrate.  And, I’m sharing 17 pages of FREE holiday printables so you can create your own Holiday Planner!

Why Use A Holiday Planner?

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The holidays are filled with wonderful gatherings, activities and traditions.  But making it all happen adds a lot of extra to-dos to our already busy lives.  The only way to get it all done without running ourselves ragged all December is to start organizing and preparing now!  Enter the Holiday Planner.  A tool to organize all holiday to-dos and start checking them off your list now, so you have time and energy to enjoy the holidays later.

What The Holiday Planner Does

Canva Get Things Done - Get Organized and Enjoy Your Holidays With This Free Holiday Planner


The Holiday Planner organizes all your holiday to-dos, activities, budget, shopping, menu planning and more, all in one location.  Writing it all down in a single place now lets you see everything that needs to get done, break it down into manageable tasks, and make a plan to complete everything over a few months.  Plus, you don’t just spread the to-do’s out, you spread the expenses out too!

With a plan that spreads everything out, you are in control.  You don’t feel overwhelmed or worried you are forgetting something; you can prioritize the activities most important to you and plan your time accordingly.  For the things you can’t do in advance, noting them in the Holiday Planner means they won’t sneak up on you and allows you to identify when you can do them.

The result? Instead of exhaustively scrambling to get everything done during the holidays, you check most things off your list before the busy-ness of the season even starts.  And that means you enter the holidays calm and with more time to enjoy them.

The Holiday Planner Pages

Canva Cover page - Get Organized and Enjoy Your Holidays With This Free Holiday Planner

Cover Page: So you know what it is, and because it’s fun!

November & December Calendars: Keep track of all holiday plans and activities.  Place somewhere everyone can see to stay in the know.


Master To-Do List: Keep track of all the things you want to do to get holiday-ready and when you want to complete them (get the tree, hang lights, mail cards, visit Santa, get advent calendar etc.).

Holiday Activity List: Keep track of all events your family is interested in, prioritize the most important and plan your time accordingly.

Holiday Traditions: Write down holiday traditions and any supplies needed to carry them out.  Don’t forget to write down any new traditions you start and keep the list for next year so you don’t forget anything!

Holiday Budget: Create a budget now that includes all gifts and incidental expenses to prioritize how you want to spend your money and minimize overspending.



Gift Planner (By Person): Keep track of gift ideas, where to find them and cost.  Print as many as you need.

Holiday Shopping List (By Store): A shopping list organized by store with space for recipient, gift and estimated and actual costs.  Print as many as you need.


Online Order Tracker: Keep track of all online orders, who they are for, when ordered and expected delivery.


Master Gift-Giving List: Keep track of all your gift purchases.

My Wish List: Write your wish list items and where to find them.

Holiday Menus: Whether you do a potluck or prepare the whole meal yourself, I have you covered with planning printables for both.

Holiday Brunch Menus: Two versions available for this delicious meal too!

Holiday Notes: Write down anything holiday-related that doesn’t fit anywhere else.  Print as many as you need.


Canva baking - Get Organized and Enjoy Your Holidays With This Free Holiday Planner

I LOVE my Holiday Planner and use it to finish my holiday to-dos by November 30th each year.  Then I spend December enjoying all the holiday activities I love without worrying about what still needs to be done and when I’m going to do.  But like any tool, the Holiday Planner only works if used properly.  You have to start using it early (now!), include everything, create a realistic plan, and carry it out.  If you do this, I promise you will have more time to enjoy your holidays.  So, what are you waiting for? Click here to get FREE copies of my Holiday Planner printables and get planning!  Let me know in the comments below which page will be most helpful to you.


Happy organizing!