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10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00

There is an unfortunate misconception that getting organized requires purchasing new and costly organizing products and systems.  In reality, new products aren’t always required and even when they are, many great, inexpensive options are available that make a really big impact.  Below are 10 of my favourite budget organizing products for under $20.00, along with some of the many ways you can use them to maximize space, optimize time and simplify life.

1) Command Hooks

1Command Hooks Final - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00

Command Hooks are one of the best, most versatile, cost-efficient organizing products out there. Use them for extra hanging storage under your kitchen sink or in your closets, to store your blow-dryer or your jewelry, which is just the beginning.  (There are too many great ways to organize with Command Hooks to cover here, but you can read about 25 ways you can use them throughtout your home here.)  Command Hooks can be found online, in grocery stores, home goods stores, hardware stores and convenience stores. Prices vary depending on size and package you are getting, but start at $4.00 for a pack of 4 small ones.

2) Adhesive Dry Erase Board

2Adhesive Dray Erase Board Final - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00


I keep a weekly menu and running list of needed grocery and household items but don’t like visual clutter (and my less than neat printing) on our blackboard. Enter this adhesive dry erase board. I placed it inside the cabinet door closest to the fridge and pantry and voila, an easily accessible running list without the visual clutter (see, I wasn’t kidding about the printing!). I got this particular one that comes with 5 sheets from Amazon for $14.63.

3) Shoe Hangars

3Shoe Hangars Final - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00

Not just for shoes, these hangars can house just about anything.  Use one in the office or craft room for extra supplies, in the toy room for small toys like barbies and action figures, in your entry closet to store sunscreen, sunglasses and hats and in the laundry room for cleaning supplies.  These can be found online and at most home goods stores, I got mine at Walmart for $15.32.

4) Honeycomb Organizer

4Honeycomb drawer organizer mygift 640x533 - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00

The honeycomb pockets keep everything separate, allowing you to see exactly where the item you want is in a quick glance and easily pick it out without any rummaging that disturbs everything else in the drawer. Use it for socks, nylons, undergarments, ties, tank tops, pocket squares, etc. It can be found online and at most home goods stores. I found mine at Homesense for $9.99.

5) Shelf Extenders

5 1kitchen cupboard - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00

5 2under sink labels - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00

I have been using these since I moved out on my own and had the tiniest kitchens and bathrooms to share with roommates. They are affordable, durable and instantly double storage. I have these in almost every kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinet. They can be found online, at home goods stores and the Dollar store. They start at $2.50 (from Dollarama) and go up from there depending on size.

6) Double Hanging Rod

6Double Hanging Rod Final - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00


For those of us without custom closets, this double hanging rod from Walmart costs $12.97 and is a fantastic option. It takes two minutes to assemble (no tools required) and you immediately double your hanging closet space. The bar is adjustable in both width and height, so you can customize it to suit your needs.

7) Tension Rods

7Tension Rods Final - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00


I have many of these in my house, and not a single one is holding up a curtain! I use them to corral wrapping paper, pot lids and casserole dishes, but they can also be used to store ribbon/wasabi tape, to add storage under a sink or in a shower and so many other ways.  To discover 18 ways to organize with tension rods, click here.  Tension rods are available at most home goods stores and online, I got mine from Walmart for $4.47.

8) Drawer Inserts

8Drawer Inserts Final 1 - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00

Drawer inserts are perfect for corralling and containing. Use them in your kitchen for utensils, in the bathroom to organize makeup and toiletries, in desk drawers to organize supplies. Basically, use them in all drawers! They are available online, at the dollar store and at most home goods stores and can be found for as little as $1.00 each at the dollar store. This set of 6 from InterDesign is $19.00.

9) Bakeware racks

9Bakeware racks Final - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00

I LOVE vertical storage and bakeware racks provide it. Use them to store items like baking sheets, roasting pans, cutting boards, casserole dishes, baking pans, pot lids and even your clutch purses! It eliminates the frustration of having to lift and take out 4 things to get to the 1 that you actually want. There are lots of bakeware racks out there, including a $3.50 one from the dollar store. I also like this one from Youcopia because you can adjust the openings to suit your needs. To learn more about the many benefits and ways to use vertical storage to organize your house, click here.

10) Folding and Storing Clothes/Textiles Vertically10 1heather t shirt drawer after - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00

10 2kitchen drawer towels after - 10 Budget Home Organizing Products Under $20.00


O.K., technically, this is not a “product”, but it does deliver a huge impact for NO cost, and who doesn’t love FREE! Folding your clothes so they can be stored vertically instantly creates more space in drawers and closets. And it’s not just for clothes, use it for towels, fabric and aprons too. Click here to read my full post on all the virtues of this folding method and for step by step directions on how to do it.


I hope this list dispels the myth getting organized has to involve expensive new products.  These 10 products under $20.00 really make a big organizing impact.  But the truth is there are so many great options that I had to create a second list of 10 MORE of my favourite budget organizing products.   You can check it out here.


What’s your favourite budget organizing product?  Let me know in the comments below.


Happy organizing!


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