Easy Ideas to Organize Under the Sink


Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, under the sink is one of the trickiest areas to organize.  The pipes and lack of shelving make it difficult to make the most of this space.  To help overcome these challenges, I’m sharing 8 of my favourite ways to organize under the sink that maximize space and function.

The Secret To Organizing Under The Sink

Under the sink Organization - 8 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK

Visibility and accessibility are essential under the sink, where people typically keep multiple categories of items they use daily.  Like organizing most spaces, zones, containment and going vertical are the secret to success.

The 8 storage ideas below hit all the marks and will ensure you never again find yourself crouched down under your sink frustratingly shuffling items to get what you need from the back.  So, let’s get to them!

#1) Adjustable Shelving with Drawers


Iris Under sink organization - 8 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK

This adjustable shelf with drawers from Iris is one of my favourite under sink organizers.  I actually have 4 of them in my house!

It’s adjustable in width, shelf height and shelf and drawer placement across the stand.  So, no matter where the pipes are under your sink, this shelf will accommodate them.

It also has 2 gliding drawers that contain like items together and make accessing them easy.  No more crouching, shuffling and reaching to get what you need!

I got mine (the 2-drawer version, it also comes in a single drawer version) years ago from Solutions, but they no longer carry it ☹.  In Canada, you can find it online at Amazon and Overstock.

At $75.00, it’s a pricier option (I think I paid $49.99 when I got mine) but, you’re actually getting two drawers plus shelving you can customize.  So, it’s like 3 organizers in one, making the price (a little) more reasonable.

#2 Adjustable Shelving & Baskets


Shelf and Baskets Under sink organization - 8 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK

For a more budget-friendly option, use an adjustable shelf such as this and baskets to still get the benefits of increased vertical storage and containment.  You can pull out the basket “drawers”, making it easy to retrieve what you want any shuffling or reaching.

#3 Risers With Baskets



Risers and baskets Undersink organization - 8 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK


An even more budget-friendly combination is risers with baskets.  Although the risers aren’t adjustable, they create a “shelf” that increases your storage, visibility and accessibility.

#4) Drawer Units

Drawer units and stackable drawers are another great way to maximize space and increase accessibility.  They come in all different sizes and finishes, including plastic, mesh and acrylic.


Just remember to carefully measure from the side of the cabinet to the pipe and the bottom of the cabinet to the upper frame to ensure your product will fit.

#5) Baskets, Magazine Holders & Caddies

Baskets Under sink organization - 8 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK

As already discussed, baskets provide containment and act as drawers that improve accessibility.  Magazine holder and caddies are really just different types of baskets.

Even if you aren’t adding shelving, just containing items goes a long way to keeping this (or any) space organized and improving visibility and accessibility.

#6) Turntables

Turntables Under sink organization - 8 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK


Turntables provide containment as well, but instead of pulling them out to see and access what you need, you just spin and bring the items from the back to the front.

They come in different sizes, depths and finishes, and you can get ones that are open or divided and single-level or tiered.  In short, you should have no problem finding one to suit your functional and aesthetic needs.

#7) Tension Rods

Tension rod Under sink organization - 8 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK


Tension rods are another creative (and inexpensive) way to take advantage of the vertical space under your sink.  Place one across the top of the under-sink cupboard and store your cleaning spray bottles there.

#8) Cabinet Doors


Cabinet doors Under sink organization - 8 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK

Finally, don’t forget the valuable space on the inside of your cabinet doors.  This is prime storage space just waiting to be used.

Command hooks, adhesive bins, over the door racks or racks that screw into the cabinet are great ways to utilize this space.  Store hair appliances, hair accessories, hair products, face products, nail products, dental products or cleaning products, cloths and brushes, to name just a few ideas.


Conclusion Under sink organization - 8 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK

Finding the right organization solutions for the under the sink can be challenging.  The 8 storage ideas I’ve shared maximize space and function by going vertical, creating zones and using containment.  Mix and match them to find the best under sink organization for your space.

What’s your favourite way to organize under the sink?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you want to tackle other areas of the kitchen after under the sink, check out this post for 10 of my favourite kitchen organizing products.

Happy organizing!